Do You Know Why Color Star (CSCW) Stock Jumped 13% On Monday?

In response to its participation in a major event, Color Star Technology Co. Ltd. (Nasdaq: CSCW) has risen 13.56% to trade at $1.34 as of the last check. CSCW stock closed last trading day at $1.18.

In which event has CSCW taken part?

The Dubai Future Foundation has invited Color Star Technology (CSCW) to participate in the Dubai Metaverse Assembly (the “Assembly”) on the 28th of September. As part of the Assembly, Color Star promoted its metaverse software ColorWorld Metaverse (“Color World”) and introduced its “DONO Phone” project to the attendees.

  • A number of internationally renowned companies and leading figures are expected to attend the conference, which will focus on the development of industries and sectors involved in the “metaverse economy.”
  • As a result of the Assembly’s high profile, CSCW also used the opportunity to exchange information with attendees and promote its metaverse project.
  • DONO Phone, Color Star’s first metaverse smartphone, recently made its debut as Color Star’s entry into the smartphone market.
  • Each phone will come pre-installed with the Color World app, which was designed with the concept of the “metaverse” in mind.
  • With the DONO phone, users will be able to freely access educational content, digital entertainment, and virtual communication without being bound by physical limitations, thus bridging the gap between them and the virtual world.
  • As well as developing powerful cybersecurity technology to protect users’ privacy and security, CSCW aims to deliver the best experiences with its metaverse technology.
  • A distributed file-storage system and a decentralized storage server will make the DONO phone almost impossible to compromise.
  • Color Star also stressed the importance of network security in all technology.

In what ways is CSCW excelling?

Color Star (CSCW) combines celebrity entertainment with artificial intelligence in Color World, creating new opportunities for fans and the digital economy. Aside from that, CSCW is also announcing that it will stimulate the metaverse with its metaverse DONO phone so that it can further increase its profit and revenue by helping the metaverse reach its full potential.

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