Is There Any Reason As To Why The Loop Media (LPTV) Stock Expanded By 9% After-Hours?

Following a partnership agreement, Loop Media Inc. (NYSE: LPTV) is gaining on the charts today, up 8.94% to trade at $6.70 at the last check.

Which partnership has LPTV joined?

This month, Loop Media (LPTV) established a strategic alliance to implement ACTV8me’s interactive advertising and marketing technology (“MarTech”) network solutions throughout the out-of-home (“OOH”) business clients on the Loop Media platform.

The same SQR Code may show various offers and information depending on the time of day and a customer’s location by combining geo-location with it. After being stored in the native wallet (Google Pay or Apple Pay) and cashed offline, online, or in-venue, these data-driven offers enable ACTV8me and LPTV to trace every interaction along the route to purchase.

Additionally, once users are close to the active site(s), ACTV8me may use its location-based capabilities to remind them of such offers in respective native Android and iOS wallets, resulting in converted purchases that can be directly linked to the campaign. By utilizing LPTV’s distribution network within retail locations country-wide, particularly in convenience stores and niche grocery locations, along with ACTV8me’s full-funnel advertising effectiveness and ad efficiency platform, the partnership enables two renowned tech companies to illustrate industry-first capabilities and experiences.

A customer will be presented with a strategic message that demands a quick reaction when they enter or leave a geofenced borderline at a specific retail location. This alliance is important for LPTV and ACTV8me as well as for all DOOH stakeholders. The overall goal is to showcase novel brand and customer experiences in DOOH while showcasing the combined conversion potential of a premier business-to-business CTV network and a cutting-edge MarTech partner, ACTV8me.

How will the LPTV make a difference?

Advertisers will be able to provide customers with a distinctive experience, stay connected, and be at the top of their minds by utilizing the regional footprint of LPTV and ACTV8me’s technologies. Beginning at different places across their OOH retail network nationwide in January 2023, Loop Media (LPTV) and ACTV8me will launch this new service.

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